Crab Pot Developer Meeting

Crab Pot Developer Meeting

February 27th at 6pm

To All Residents,

On Tuesday February 27th, Mr. Raymond Graziotto will meet with residents to answer any questions that we have regarding the proposed Crab Pot restaurant project.  Mr. Graziotto (see bio) is the president and COO of Seven Kings Holdings, Inc.  The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 in the social room. 

As you may recall during the October 25th CRA meeting, commissioner Hubbard and I believe at least one other commissioner strongly recommended that the Crap Pot developer meet with Marina Grande’s residents and they specifically stated that they wanted this meeting to be with the residents and not the board of directors.  After a number of extended discussions with Mr. Graziotto,  he has agreed to this meeting and has also agreed to answer our questions .  This is the only opportunity that we’ll have to address the developer regarding the Crap Pot restaurant project. 

The format of the meeting will allow any resident the opportunity to ask a question along with a follow-up question.  If you don’t have a question but would prefer to make a comment, please limit the length of your comments so that time will be available for other residents.  We’re anticipating that this meeting will last roughly 90 minutes.

This is a very rare opportunity to hear what the developers specific plans are for parking, traffic, noise, security, compliance with concessions and the proposed 350 foot dock.  If you cannot attend but you have questions, send them to me and I will see that they are addressed.  We will also have a phone line available for those who cannot attend. 

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this meeting.

Daniel McGilvery

President - Marina Grande Riviera Beach COA




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The Ocean Marina Book Club!!

March 13 2018


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Mah Jongg

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